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How to arrive

The Institute of Computing is located at the campus of Praia Vermelha, in São Domingos, Niterói. The bus 47 (Downtown Niterói-Canto do Rio) has a bus stop by the entrance of the campus, in front of Nilo Peçanha Square.

At bloco E, also known as the old building, on the third floor, there are the IC administration offices (rooms 313, 317 and 350E), the Department of Computing Science (room 317), the coordination of the Graduate Program (room 315), laboratories (rooms 312, 322, 350) and the professors´rooms. The seminaries room is located at the School of Engineering building (room 230B).

How to arrive to the campus by car:

  • After the toll of the Rio/Niterói bridge, follow the traffic signs "Barcas/Ingá", on your right side. Keep going right, and you will get to a big straight avenue, named Avenida Feliciano Sodré.
  • Go straight to the end of this avenue and naturally turn left, following the traffic flow;
  • You will pass by the ferry boat station on your right;
  • Keep going ahead, on the right lane, on the way to the Contemporary Arts Museum – MAC, and Icaraí;
  • You will pass by the Movie Museum (under construction) on your right, and by Cantareira square, on your left. Then, you will see a big school called Colégio Universitário Geraldo Reis – UFF, on your right. Right after it, turn left, on Passo da Pátria street;
  • Go straight for about 400 m. The campus of Praia Vermelha is on your right, accross from Nilo Peçanha Square;
  • The main administrative office is located at bloco E, also known as the old building, on the third floor, room 313.
How to arrive to the campus by ferry boat and/or by bus:

  • When you leave the ferry boat station downtown Niterói, walk to your right until the traffic light, on the way to the mall Plaza Shopping;
  • Cross one lane and keep going right, where your can see two bus stops. Walk to the second one and get the bus 47 (do not get the 47-A or 47-B). This bus will follow the same directions described above in "how to get to the campus by car";
  • Get off the bus on the bus stop right in front of the campus. Find the main gate;
  • To go back, get the bus 47 on the other side of Passo da Pátria street. This time you can get the buses 47-A or 47-B.
  • To go to the ferry boat station, get off the bus on the Plaza shopping bus stop, in front of the mall.



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 How to arrive


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