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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor's Degree in Computing

The course of Computer Science was recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture in 1992. It was linked to the Department of Computer Science of the Institute of Mathematics, and it was one of the academic bases for the creation of the Computing Institute.

This course aims to form professionals who are able to act in the development of computing systems, participating not only on the level of implementation, but also on the level of management.

The solid formation received by the graduated students enables them to act in the labor market, in different areas of application, and also to enter in Master's and Doctorate programs in several areas of research, related to the Computer Science.

It is a diurnal course, and it offers the bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

The Information System is a nocturnal course, which started being offered in March, 2010.

Its proposal is to form professionals in the Computing and Informatics area, aiming at acting in research, management, development, use and evaluation of technologies of information, applied in organizations, companies and institutions.

This formation differs from that offered by other Computer Science courses since it proposes the use of technological apparatus as its tool, setting, for this reason, technology as a means, and aiming at forming human resources for the automation of Information Systems of organizations.

It offers a bachelor's degree in Information Systems. 

Graduate Program in Computing     

The graduate Program in Computing, created in 1998, is a Graduate program already consolidated, acting in many sub-areas of Computing. Despite existing for a short time, this Program is qualified with the level 5 of CAPES, and it is among the best Graduate programs in this country. It has 30 permanent professors, working in exclusive dedication, and 2 collaborators. The faculty possesses an excellent level of scientific production, in which 21 professors have scholarships of productivity in reserach of CNPq.

The Program has a multi-disciplinary profile, offering formation on the Master's and Doctorate levels in computing, and its objective is the search for academic excellence in its operating areas, providing the formation of highly qualified human resources, with a strong scientific and technological base.

This program grants the Master's or Doctorate degree. 

Technology in Computing Systems

Technology in Computing Systems is a partial distance education course, offered by UFF/CEDERJ, and its objective is to form professionals who are competent to perform, among other tasks, the installations of local networks; the development of small programs; the installation of operating systems for small machines;  the maintenance of databases in personal computers destinated to small corporations, and the creation and maintenance of websites.

It is modeled by a classroom based course, in which a student watches previously recorded videos of the professor's classes from the universities in charge, specially produced for the course. It offers the formation of Computing Systems Technician.

Computer Science Department

The Computer Science Department (DCC) was created and installed in July, 1976, at the Institute of Mathematics. At that moment, its work was restricted to services to some courses, such as the Engineering, Physics and Mathematics courses.

After 1985, with the insertion of the Undergraduate Course in Computing, allied to the increase in the number of Computing teaching by several courses from UFF, there was an enormous development of the activities of teaching in this Department. In 1998, as a result of the development of activities of teaching, research and extension in computing at UFF, this  became the unique department of the recently created Institute of Computing. It is the academic responsible for most of the subjects of the undergraduate courses in Computer Science, Information Systems and Technology in Computing Systems, and the graduate courses in Computing, offering also basic computing subjects to 19 undergraduate courses at UFF.



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