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Institute of Computing

The Institute of Computing (IC) was created in the Center of Technology on 12/29/98, by means of Portaria n. 1.488/98 of MEC, published in the DOU of 12/30/98, as the result of the development of the activities of teaching, research and extension performed at UFF in the Computing area. IC was meant to reunite, at the same unity, a group of professors of the Computer Science Department originally from the Institute of Mathematics and from several departments of the School of Engineering.

IC is formed by a unique department, which is the Computer Science Department (TCC). This department was created in 1974, and it initially belonged to the Institute of Mathematics, in the former Center of General Studies. At that time, its role was restricted to offering services for some courses of the university, mainly for the courses of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics. In 1985, TCC started to offer the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Nowadays, IC has 65 professors in its permanent team, and it serves approximately 2.000 students in their different academic activities.

Today, activities of teaching, research and extension are developed at IC, and it still is responsible for subjects such as basic computing and numerical methods to several undergraduate courses at UFF. As a consequence of its expansion process, the following courses are under the responsibility of IC:

  • Undergraduate Course of Computer Science (diurnal);
  • Undergraduate Course of Information Systems (nocturnal);
  • Undergraduate Course of Technology in Computing Systems (distance education course);
  • Graduate Program in Computing, for Master's and Doctorate degree.
Several laboratories of teaching, research and extension are also under responsibility of IC.



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