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Defesa de Tese de Doutorado do aluno Daricélio Moreira Soares

27/06/2017, 10h, sala 208, Instituto de Computação

On the Nature of Pull Requests: a Study about this Collaboration Paradigm over Open-Source Projects Using Association Rules

Open-source software development is nowadays inserted in a distributed and collaborative context, which enables to receive external contributions. An emerging paradigm employed for the systematization of these contributions is named pull request. According to this paradigm, external developers wishing to contribute to a project fork the project repository, make their changes, and send a pull request to the project's core team, who will review the contribution and decide whether or not to integrate it into the repository. Pull requests may contain bug fixes, code refactorings, or new features, for example. Currently, few information about the nature of pull requests is known in the scenario of open-source projects. Some work investigated pull requests characteristics related to acceptance, lifetime, and reviewers assignment. However, all of these studies present black-box approaches and have neglected the exploration of certain aspects that are still open. In this thesis we performed a set of studies based on the extraction of association rules from 88 open-source projects, detailing the nature of their 132,660 pull requests through: (1) the identification of frequent patterns from thousands of pull requests; (2) the assessment of the extent and strength of these patterns; and (3) a qualitative analysis that explains the occurrence of some patterns. Our results indicate that physical characteristics of the pull requests, collaborators profile, social aspects of the process, and location of contributions are factors that influence, in different intensities, on: the acceptance/rejection, lifetime, and reviewers assignment. The identification of these patterns can support developers and project managers in understanding the nature of pull requests and guide them to practices that maximize the benefits of this collaboration paradigm.

Prof. Leonardo Gresta Paulino Murta (Presidente), UFF
Prof. Alexandre Plastino de Carvalho, UFF
Prof.ª Viviane Torres da Silva, UFF
Prof. Daniel Cardoso Moraes de Oliveira, UFF
Prof. Alessandro Fabricio Garcia, PUC-Rio
Prof. Paulo de Figueiredo Pires, UFRJ



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